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We love hearing from our happy customers about how Canagan has helped your pet's digestive problems, skin and coat issues, improving their teeth and breath, and even pleasing fussy eaters.

Let us know how your pet is getting on, get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email us.

No more poorly tummy

Thank you Canagan. I am the owner of a Springer Spaniel, Luca, aged 2 and a half. He has been on a well know food recommended by vets since a puppy but always suffered from very bad diarrhoea. The vet wanted to put a camera in, to find out why. But Since visiting our local Countrywide Store and purchasing Canagan food (6 weeks ago) he has been a different dog, no more poorly tummies or wind and no more visits to the vet. Thank you for a great food which has changed my dogs health and appetite for the better.

Haven't looked back

This is Nevaeh waiting for Canagan Country Game to be opened. She's been enjoying Canagan for a few months now. We changed from her old brand as all 3 of mine kept spitting it out. We haven't looked back since changing!

Stomach has settled

We just wanted to say a little thank you! Our pup Ozzie didn't used to be interested in his food and had a very unsettled stomach. We visited our local pet shop and a lovely lady gave us some fab advice and we left with a bag of Canagan. Wow! He LOVES his food, as you can probably tell from the picture and thankfully his stomach has settled! He has a glossy, shinier and softer coat and is so much happier. He has however, developed a habit of sitting by the dog food cupboard door, but I think we can let him off. Thanks so much for making our pup happier and healthier.

No more itchy skin

Jasper had to be given steroids as a 10 week old puppy as his itching was so severe. His allergies were unknown and testing was not an option being so young. A lot of diets were tried, and failed. He has now been on Canagan Country Game for 6 weeks and needs no steroids or even antihistamines to keep the itching at bay. He is a new and ever so happy character and I cannot thank you enough. He now nearly 7 months and will be on Canagan for as long as he is with us. His coat shines and he has a sparkle in his eye... Especially when looking after his cattle! Thank you Canagan for giving my boy a care free life! I am so grateful.

On Canagan since he was a puppy

This is my 2 year old working cocker Murray who has been fed Canagan since puppy. I couldn't be more happier with the food as he is digestively very sensitive. Since feeding him Canagan his coat, teeth and muscles tone have been amazing. Thank you!

I would not feed anything else

This is my male dog Hunter, he had a very delicate stomach until I changed over to you food. Now he is 100% fine. He was such a nightmare on every food on the market with constant tummy upset. I would not feed anything else now. Another happy hound!

Stomach upsets have disappeared

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic natural dog food. My 3 1/2 year old German shepherd has always had a very sensitive stomach resulting in very loose stools, diarrhoea and skin problems. I decided to take the plunge and move Gladstone onto Canagan Large Breed Dog food and the wet food. Well, what can I say, he is a completely different dog and his stomach upsets have disappeared, his coat is looking amazing and he has endless amounts of energy. I can't praise you enough and once again would like to say a big thank you from myself and Gladstone.

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