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We love hearing from our happy customers about how Canagan has helped your pet's digestive problems, skin and coat issues, improving their teeth and breath, and even pleasing fussy eaters.

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Happy to eat with no bowel surprises

Myrddin loves it he is very picky and I have tried several other brands but he will only eat Canagan Free Range Chicken - happy to eat with no bowel surprises.. he is only 10 months old and I chose Canagan as it had no nasty ingredients and was made in UK.

Without a doubt the best cat food

Canagan is without a doubt the best cat food as far as my Charlie is concerned - he is intolerant of grain so he needs this excellent food. Also, love that the delivery is so well organised and arrives the next day if you order early enough. I can't recommend Canagan strongly enough and as you see Charlie licks up any remaining scraps!!

His coat is in wonderful condition

Ollie loves this food and clears his bowl in minutes, his coat is in wonderful condition and he has so much energy. I can’t wait to try him on the other flavors which I am confident he will love.

No more skin or allergy issues

High quality food! My 2 year old Labrador adores it and no more skin or allergy issues. Also, it helps managing his weight and keeps clean & healthy teeth too!

High in nutritional value

My three cats are very fussy and they love this. It is not easy to find food they like which is also high in nutritional value but Canagan ticks all the boxes.

The joint support and extra keep her in top condition!

Her favourite food ever, she is 13 years old and three-legged with arthritis in her remaining legs and out of all the foods she’s tried this is her absolute favourite. Excellent quality and I love the joint support and extras which keep her in top condition!

1 week since the switch, so far so good!

My dog absolutely loves this food. I have a 14 month bullmastiff that has allergies to chicken and grain and most other poor ingredients in low end food. I decided to switch to canagan as it was recommended by my behaviourist . Salmon is a favourite for him but he also loves the lamb and turkey/duck. I ordered the salmon kibble 12kg so I can feed part kibble part meat and he has never looked forward to his meals more! He licks the bowl about 5 times after he finishes to make sure he didn’t drop any! His stools are also firming up, only 1 week since the switch and so far so good!

Her coat is soft and shiny

High quality food my fussy kitten love it she eat straight away...I can see changes in her coat which is soft and shiny.

Canagan works well for him

One of my dogs can have sensitivity to some feeds, after trying food from different brands I’ve found that Canagan works well for him. Both my dogs enjoy the food.

Cannot recommend enough

My cats love this food and one of them has a very sensitive tummy so this food literally saved their life as we were struggling to get them to eat anything at the time when I introduced this food. The free delivery is always welcome and always comes within a couple of days.. cannot recommend enough.

Full of good stuff!

We asked for some recommendations and did some research, we have decided to make the switch to Canagan. There were signs that my other food wasn't agreeing with me, and this one is full of good stuff!

It has helped her arthritis

Megs had a visit to her favourite pet shop and picked up some Canagan; changing her food to something a lot healthier has helped her arthritis, stopped her from being so bloated after eating and her fur is so thick and soft now! Knowing exactly what’s in your pet’s food is so very important!

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