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We love hearing from our happy customers about how Canagan has helped your pet's digestive problems, skin and coat issues, improving their teeth and breath, and even pleasing fussy eaters.

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We feed Canagan because of their super ingredients

We now feed Chelsi Canagan, because of their super ingredients!

They eat the whole thing

Our kitties are happy again (and so are we) since we moved them onto a grain-free diet. We have been feeding them Canagan tins. PROS: it doesn't stink, they love it and eat the whole thing (not just the juice). CONS: never enough!

Loving this so far!

We’re a couple of weeks into trying this food and honestly, mum is shocked at how much I like it. I always get a spoon of wet food with my biscuits, because mum worries that kibble is too boring, but recently I have been leaving it to eat up all my dry!! So much so, she’s considering quitting, because it’s a waste. Loving this so far!

She is so much happier and eating every meal!

I recently headed to my local pet shop as I was interested in getting some dog tooth paste, because I had noticed a build up on Martha’s teeth. The staff were very knowledgable and took their time talking to me. We started discussing what I currently feed Martha and whether to consider a food that has the added benefit of ProDen PlaqueOff - for her teeth. Martha has now moved to Canagan Dental for dogs and she LOVES it, she had little interest in her previous food and would often leave it, she is so much happier and eating every meal! I now know exactly what I am feeding my dog and how much better this food is for her, I am SO happy that I made the change for Martha.

Best for her skin & coat

Perfectly the best for my skin & coat, overall health and happiness!

The best cat food

This is the BEST Kitten/Cat food I have found for our fussy hand-reared Kitten. As you can see he loves all the recipes!

Can't wait to wake up for her Canagan

Every morning Coconut can’t wait to wake up for her Canagan!”

Would not feed any other food

I have fed Canagan to my Labrador from 10 weeks old, she is now 5 years old and everyone comments on how fit and well she looks - I would not feed any other food.

Fussy Poodle

Lulu loves Canagan and she's a very fussy poodle.

Shiny coat

Hello and greetings from Finland from Nemo, my 4-year old mix-breed dog. He's mixed with Karelian Bear Dog and Finnish Lapphund. I would like to thank you for your finest dog food ever. He's always been very picky eater but Free-Run Chicken has been a great tasting food to him. As you can see, your food has made his coat so shiny! Love it.

Made a real difference to his health

Dear Canagan, thank you for creating such brilliant cat food! Bagheera loves Canagan Dental and always comes running as soon as he hears the rustle of the bag. Best of all, though, it’s made a real difference to his health. His digestion has improved, everyone tells me her coat is lovely and soft, and I can’t believe his teeth are so much cleaner and how fresh his breath is!

Finishes the bowl

I have a 14 month old Bulldog who has always been a very picky eater, unlike my two previous bulldogs who ate anything. He has been on another brand, which my previous dog enjoyed but I have had to add various ‘coaching’ wet food to entice him all his life. I once tried to change his food altogether which was a disaster and he didn’t eat for 5 days! So last week I went to stay with a friend who has two dogs…Sonny stole some food from one of their bowls and woofed it down in seconds. This week I purchased a bag of your Country Game flavour and he has been eating it all up with no second thoughts. It is good quality and happy to pay for a food he enjoys at last! Thank you.

In good shape & health

Hello my name is Yuki and I am a 7 month old Shiba Inu. I live in the Netherlands and I just want to say that I am very happy with Canagan, never had any problems and well...everybody tells me I am in a good shape and health! So have my compliments for the great food!

Highly recommend Canagan

Dolly absolutely loves Canagan - the difference to her coat condition and well-being is down to this product. We highly recommend it to our local doggy community.


My name is Allan and I am a Gawjus French bulldog. I am 17 weeks and been with my new mam and dad now for nearly 8 weeks. My mam was recommended Canagan food for me from the nice lady in Wags and Whiskers Boutique in Saltburn. I know my new mam and dad want me to have a great life and what better way to start me off whilst I am so young on your fantastic dry food. It's delicious! Thank you Canagan for looking after my insides and my shiny coat on the outside. I will be recommending you to all of my doggy pals.

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