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Why does my dog...

Do you ever wonder why your dog licks you? Or, why they might rip their new toys apart? Canagan have listed all of the reasons why your dog does these things so that you can better understand them and their remarkable habits.

Essential training tips for my dog

See our top tips on how to train your dog. Check out our suggestions on the best commands to start with as well as expert advice from our veterinary expert, Henry Dove.

Summer safety tips for dogs

Summertime means fun, sun and hopefully lots of outdoor play with our dogs. Longer daytime hours and warmer temperatures can bring some risks along with them. By following our summer safety tips, you can ensure a carefree season together.

Is BBQ food dangerous for dogs?

There is a lot to love about the British summer. It’s a season to embrace the weather and enjoy all its exciting activities. But it can be a dangerous time for our pets who like to enjoy the summer celebrations with us.

How to exercise with your dog

Exercise is a key part of our dog’s health, happiness and wellbeing. Ensuring your dog receives the right amount of the right kind of exercise is key. But how much exercise should you give your dog – and how often? Is it possible to over-exert them?

Can your dog eat human food?

Dogs are omnivores, so you may find it hard to resist those ‘puppy dog eyes’ when you’re eating or preparing a meal. Who needs a dustpan and brush when you have a dog, right? Well, not quite...

Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog

With over a third (35%) of dogs in the UK estimated to be overweight, it’s one of the most common – yet preventable - health issues dogs have. As pet owners, we have a responsibility to keep our dogs healthy, which includes managing their weight.
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