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Can my pet get hay fever

It’s that time of year again – hay fever is starting to wreak havoc on our sinuses and our pets' too. Here, Canagan shares the signs of a pollen allergy and how to treat it.

How to get your dog ready for the pub

A trip to the pub is a great social activity for us and our dogs. Canagan offers tips on getting your pooch pub ready – from basic training, to essentials to bring with you and choosing the right place to sit.

The dangers of chocolate to dogs

We’re a nation of chocolate lovers, but the tasty treat is highly dangerous to our pets. Canagan outline the side-effects, what to do if you fear your companion is suffering and healthier alternatives.

How to cope with the loss of a pet

If you have just lost your pet and are fining it difficult to cope, Canagan share their tips to help you grieve and the best ways to remember them by.

Why does my cat...

Cats may be our best friends, but sometimes the lines of communication can get confused. Canagan highlights common behaviours in felines to help you better understand what they're trying to say.

Does my dog have separation anxiety?

To dogs, we humans are the centre of their world and when we leave for work, the weekly shop or off on holiday, the feeling of being apart can cause our pets distress. This high level of this upset is known as ‘separation anxiety’.
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