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It all started at a small pet shop 30 years ago

Back in the early 1990s our founder Eddie Milbourne ran a successful pet shop in the south of England, stocking the pet foods that were available in the UK at the time. He saw that many of his customers’ dogs had the same ailments - loose poos and itchy skin.

He realised that this must be linked to the ingredients in the pet foods and he set out to find an alternative.

A global search for a better pet food

Eddie travelled the world researching the best pet foods. In the USA he found foods that were richer in meat and lower in cereals.

He started importing these foods to the UK selling them in his shop and around the country and sure enough the health of his customers’ companions improved!

Developing a feast fit for a wolf (or wildcat)

Never content with the status quo, Eddie and his team of nutritionists decided to develop a truly unique food based on the latest research on the ancestral diets of ancient wolves and wild cats.

Utilising the wealth of natural, wholesome ingredients right here on British soil, they crafted a range of recipes that would become the UK’s finest grain free diet - the food of their ancestors.

The UK’s first grain free ancestral food was born

The culmination of over 30 years of expertise and the very latest research in ancestral diets, Canagan hit the shelves in 2012 and has gone on to become the No.1 recommended product at thousands of specialist pet stores around the world.

Our proudest moment

In recognition of our global success, we received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Thank you to all our partners across the world who support our ethos and share our vision to bring the very finest in pet nutrition to family-run pet stores.

A family commitment

Eddie’s son James and the rest of our incredible team continue making the very best pet foods available. We continue to stand by our decades old commitment to only support independent stores.