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Looking after your dog's health in spring & summer

If you’re anything like us, we can’t wait to spend long summer days with our furry and non-furry family members. The sun is shining (hopefully), beach walks, hikes and days in a cosy little beer garden await – lovely!

Looking after your cat's health in winter

Most cats aren’t fond of the great outdoors in winter, preferring to swap the snowy and chilly conditions for a warm spot by the fire or window – we don’t blame them!

How to train your puppy

So far in 2022, 73% of dog owners have used some kind of training method with their companions and just 5% of dog owners made the decision to put in the work solo and trained their dogs themselves.

Taking your dog on holiday

If you’re uncertain about holidaying abroad, the experts at Canagan have created a handy guide with tips and checklists to help you plan a fantastic UK staycation for you and your dog!

Tips for walking your dog in the countryside

Everybody loves a country walk to clear the mind and tire out their four-legged friend. Wherever you’re heading, here are some tips to make sure it’s a peaceful, enjoyable experience for all.

Your pet's health: how to make smarter choices

Over 50% of adults in the UK own a cat or a dog, or both. With
 this number steadily growing and as a nation who have an undeniable love for our four-legged companions, we are still often met with health questions along the way.

A guide to feeding your kitten

All Canagan recipes are suitable for all lifestages* therefore they can be fed from weaning onwards! Just like in the wild, where the kittens of the pack and the adults shared the same food in different quantities.
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