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Top Gadgets For Pet Lovers

Published date: 11 February 2022

Credit: Jay Wennington (Unsplash)


Owning a pet in the 21st century has many perks and one of those is the amount of fun and interesting pet gadgets that are now available. Whether these gadgets are providing us with entertainment or helping us to support our companions to live healthier lives; pet gadgets are an exciting addition to our homes.

At Canagan, we’re not only grain-free pet experts but we all share our homes with our own companions and many of us come from a background of working in pet shops. With this experience in mind, we thought we would share our favourite pet gadgets with you all; so, you could try them for yourselves – enjoy!


Ever wondered what your dog gets up to when you’re not home? Well, thanks to modern technology we can now check in on our favourite companions whenever the time suits.

These nifty cameras come in useful if you have health concerns for your pets and want to keep an eye on them when you’re not able to be home or have popped out; some cameras even allow you to interact with your friends, even going so far as to throw them a treat.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a camera for health reasons or to find the culprit behind the great mystery that is the de-potting of your favourite flowers, this gadget is every nosey dog owner’s friend.


  • Health and behavioural monitoring
  • Interaction to help with anxiety and your own amusement (of course)
  • Good for frequent travellers or if you’re away a lot
  • It’s fun and a comfort to children


  • Could be more distressing for your hound if they can’t find your voice. If you notice this behaviour, we advise not using the interactive benefit

By Vivint


As pet owners, we’ll do whatever we can to keep our companions safe – they’re family! However, sometimes that can be hard when they love to roam and who are we to spoil their fun? The technology of Pet Trackers is progressing all the time and can offer us humans much relief in times of panic when we can’t find our furry friends.

Whether you want peace of mind with dognapping on the rise, or your dog enjoys a run and a dig, a tracker might be an interesting choice for your family. We recommend keeping your friends close but for those times when they escape our grip; perhaps a tracker will provide you with a quick and easy reunion. Perhaps you fancy taking it that one step further; some trackers now act just like a Fitbit for your pet. WOOF!


  • LIVE Tracking – find your pet at the click of a button
  • Monitor your pet’s activity – just like a Fitbit
  • Travel with ease of mind
  • Got a digger? Find them fast, even from a deep hole
  • Dognapping is on the rise, react quicker with tracking


  • Can be costly, some trackers require a monthly subscription so do your research to find the best one for you
  • Some trackers may be ‘water resistant’ but not ‘waterproof’
  • The tracker may not be suitable to your dog’s activities and may become snagged on fences or lost in trees



Enticing our companions to drink more can be an exhausting experience, and a worrying one too if our pets are falling ill to their dehydration. Cats especially love running water, which is why you may find them enjoying a sip from the tap.

This fondness is beneficial when it comes to their drinking habits; if your feline doesn’t drink enough – we certainly recommend trialling a water fountain in your home.


  • Cooler, fresher water encourages your pet to drink more
  • The water circulation can help prevent bacteria build-up, unlike bowls
  • Water fountains will keep the water temperature down slightly, encourage our friends to drink
  • The filtration helps to remove impurities from tap water which can improve the taste and smell, once again encouraging drinking
  • Our pets may enjoy the height that the fountain can provide, rather than drinking from a low bowl
  • Purrfect for pets who suffer urinary tract issues
  • Water fountains can typically hold more water than our bowl


  • Some cats may not enjoy the sound of the fountain, so look for a quieter version if you’re concerned
  • Ceramic or steel bowls tend to attract less bacteria, so do keep your fountain clean. Be sure to pick one that can come apart easily for your convenience


We’ve all met a hungry Labrador or a starving Springer – nothing gets in the way of dinnertime, but if the speed of our companion’s eating habits has an ill-effect on their health; it’s time to take measures to help slow them down. That’s where these nifty bowls come in!


  • Reduced risk of choking
  • Helps to stop vomiting after a meal
  • May prevent food bloat from swallowed air
  • Lowers gastrointestinal discomfort


  • May be difficult to clean, we recommend buying an adequate cleaning brush for the job
  • Chipped teeth may occur, if the product doesn’t suit your dog’s eating habits

By Great & Small



Created for dogs who suffer from anxieties due to their surroundings. Fireworks, busy places, and even the postman are just a few reasons why our companions might get anxious. Symptoms can include shaking, barking even through to aggressive behaviour, which can make our friends very unhappy and worse, ill.

Anxiety jackets have grown in popularity across the world, working with the very simple solution of applying gentle-pressure and providing the feeling of a ‘hug’ which calms an anxious pet’s nervous system. If this works for your pet, it could make a huge difference to both of your lives.


  • It’s natural – no drugs are required with this method of calming
  • You should be able to find the right fit for your dog as these jackets come in different sizes and makes
  • It may not be cheap to buy, but it is a one-time purchase and if it works, that’s priceless!
  • These jackets are easy to wash and to put onto your dog (even in a hurry)


  • On the rare occasion, the jacket could cause rubbing and discomfort to your friend. If it does, contact the supplier to check for advice
  • It may not work straight away; it could take time and with that a little training and encouragement – don’t give up at the first hurdle. Go slow, and allow your friend time to adjust to it
  • Your dog could get too hot, it will require good owner practise to ensure the health of your companion when they’re wearing their jacket

By Thundershirt


Apparently invented by Sir Isaac Newton, the cat flap is there to allow our companions access in and out of the house without fuss; but with that it can also invite their friends from the neighbourhood in too.

A micro-chip cat flap works with your cat’s individual microchip, so that when they approach the flap, it’s read, unlocked and released for your companion. If the chip is not recognised or found, then the cat flap remains locked. These clever passages can also control which way it’s locked; for the times you would like your cat to remain home once they’ve entered the house. If this sounds like the right fit for your home, do your research to find which brand and benefits suit you and your cat.


  • Only your cat can come and go as they please, not the ginger Tom next door and all his friends


  • You will need to take a little time to teach your cat how to use the cat flap – don’t be put off, this doesn’t take long
  • The initial spend of buying the product along with any potential fitting may be costly, but it’s a one-time fee, except for batteries of course



If your dog has a fear of bath-time or you find washing your dog a misery, then a dog shower may be the answer to all your fears. Perfect to take with you on the go or prepped in your garden; dog showers come in all different shapes and sizes to suit. We personally love the handiness of a pet shower after muddy walkies!


  • Easy peasy cleaning for our dogs, to use in our garden or for portable use after walkies at the car
  • Use warm or cold water and even mix in your shampoo or a pre-made solution by your chosen dog shower’s company
  • If you have a disability or physical limitation, this may help rather than leaning over the bathtub
  • Could lower your water bills, by using less water than your hose pipe
  • Helps to keep your furniture clean and your house in tip-top condition


  • May not suit every dog and could cause anxiety or fear, so please watch their behaviour and don’t force your dog to do something that makes them frightened
  • Some showers might not suit your dog’s coat, size or breed - it’s worth doing your research first
  • Not all shower systems are created equal. Our advice? read the reviews!


We all know that paws get mucky, we’ve seen the paw-prints across the carpet on those days when our pooch has sprinted ahead into our homes. Why not leave a Paw Cleaner at your backdoor on in the car? Conveniently placed for a quick ‘swoosh’ when you’ve both finished up with your walk.


  • Great to ensure you have washed all that dirt and bacteria out, reducing the risk of infecting any potential cuts and wounds that are hidden
  • Fantastic for the winter months, to clean off the salts that’s are spread on the roads


  • Your dog may not find this comfortable; we recommend not using any devices that could cause your friend anxiety



It’s no secret that cats enjoy exploring, jumping and seeking out heights. A simple solution to your cat’s thrill-seeking ways is to install a shelf (or two). Your cat may find joy out of sitting up high whilst peering out of the window, or perhaps it will provide a safe place to snooze from the dogs and the kids. Either way, your cat will thank you for it!


  • Rather simple to construct and to include into your home’s décor
  • Enjoyable and anxiety reducing past time for your feline, especially if you’re residing in a flat or apartment


  • Always take care when putting up shelves, and ensure that your wall is strong enough to hold the shelf’s weight and that of your cat
  • So much fun, your cat may demand more shelves!

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about our favourite products that are currently on the market. Please be aware that our pets are individuals and whilst one product might work successfully for one pet owner, it may not for another so always keep an open mind when trying something new.


These views and recommendations are our own.


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